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So, we got Sisters of Parvos (Corpus Liches), which means possibility of adding Infested variant of Liches, so I have an idea about that. 

First of all the story and lore. As we all know Eris is the most infested planet in solar system. Before there were a lot of disabled Warframes, and in this period of time (after quest War Within) Infestation finally gained access to thousands of Warframes. The most adaptive and "smart" species were allowed to deform and assimilate them, so Infestation now have chance to claim whole solar system with the most powerful beings on their side, the Warframes. 

This analogue of Liches will be called "Reincarnated". How to make Reincarnated? First of all, you need to kill Juggernaut, this means that Infestation has lost it's great fighter, also after his death, special invisible gas is spreading on whole location, after that, Infestation sending a Special One. Special One is basically a regular Infested Walker, but with differend colors. When you kill him, infestation absorbs his remains and recreating him on Eris, Special One remembers type of Warframe that "killed" him, after that, Special One gaining access to the Eris-Warframe-Barracks, where he must take controll under the same type of Warframe which he met before to begin new life (Exceptions are obviously Excalibur Umbra and all the Prime Warframes, when you making Reincarnated with someone of them, you getting the "non-prime version" of Warframe, more about that you can read later).

There will be new type of enemies, that gives Murmur upon killing them, the Servants. These ones are the Reincarnated-like, copies without assimilated Warframes. 

Weapons, ephemeras and abilities are DE's choice and design, but I have one special detail about Reincarnated. When you killing Kuva Lich, you obtain his weapon and epfemera, when you killing Sister of Parvos, you obtain the same thing as from Kuva Lich, but additionally you recieve her Hound, so from Reincarnated you will recieve weapon, epfemera AND Warframe.

Finall fight with Reincarnated will be on surface of Eris (idk if DE will actually make railjack with Infested or not, if they do, then on their "ship"), first you need to disable Reincarnated's connection to whole Infestation, to do that you need to destroy 3 Hives (Deimos variant of "Shoot the hive - kill enemies - destroy the hive" will be used for this).

About Warframes from Reincarnated, these are unique, you can claim them from Foundry already built, but their Stats are randomized, for example you can get Loki with 85% Efficiency, 115% Power, 120% Range and 60% Duration, 280 Health and other random numbers in Stats (Base Power, Efficiency, Range and Duration can be randomised in order 50% - 200%. Base Health sets in order "Base Health of normal Warframe (futher red part will not show, because it's applies to other Base stats, except for Power, Efficiency etc)  +/- 50% - 150% OR -35% - -85% of Base Health", Base Armour sets in order "Base Armour +/- 25% - 75% OR -25 - -50% of Base Armour", Base Shields sets in order "Base Shields +/- 50% - 100% OR -25% - -50% of Base Shields, Base Running Speed sets in order "Base Speed +/- 25% - 85% OR -35% - -55% of Base Speed", Base Energy sets in order "Base Energy +/- 10% - 50% OR -20% - -60% of Base Energy". Also these special Warframes will have prefix "Mutilated" and different models (its just model of normal, not prime warframe, but, well, weird, I mean missing parts, diffrent forms of heads, deformed legs, DE, I hope you can do something interesting with that). Mutilated Warframes' lvl cap will be as usual 30, there will be no Lich Weapon feature. Numbers and types of Polaties are the same as with normal warframes. (btw idk what to do with Nidus, because he already walking infested chad, I really have no idea about him)

What about converted Reincarnated? Well, in lore explanation, you sending Reincarnated to your Orbiter, so Helminth can "reconfigure" him and make serve to his new "Master" (this will work even if you never entered to Helminth as Nidus).

Note; I'm russian and didn't wrote this with translator, if you'll se something wrong and wierd in this big mess of words, sorry!

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