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How long is DE going to excuse Empyrean's messy entirety and other stuff as a "beta"?


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This game has been in beta since its public access in 2013. I guess DE is kinda forgetting what Prototype, Alpha and Beta (along with "Closed"-prefix) actually mean.

This game should have left the beta way in the past, and yet the quality is not like anything beyond beta.

This entire Empyrean universe is getting annoying. Before adding even more content to it, fixing the fundamentals would be more than necessary and essential. That is common sense.

Resetting overlay-map setting to minimap at the corner everytime you switch instances + switching back to primary whenever someone is entering an entity, ship, fleet or leaving those + starting another mission. The mod "Artillery Cheap Shot" is a joke, as 6 out of 7 shots on each run getting consumed (from a test of 56 shots, where 52 got wasted). This is no way near 60% "no ammo consumption" logic. Mouse pointer jerking around the WinForm for whatever reason (never have seen this in any game during loadingscreens, as it makes no sense and serves no purpose in doing so!). It is nearly impossible to reload or throw a glaive, because of the auto-block mechanics hindering every tiny bit of player input in this regards! Sprint+dash function, which allowed to retrigger a dash after its duration while staying in sprint, got nerfed without any reason. We are able to use Zarr and other AOE weapons on the Railjack, but no Bramma. Any logic behind that? No, I guess not.

And the best for the end: The entire Crew-AI, which, if you think about it, is buggy af and this should have been released in EARLY 2020. Are you just going to skip on this class? It is better not relying on the AI and doing the whole thing on my own (and no. I am not a public-matchmaking player due to experienced reasons in the long and recent pasts (too many leechers and afkers), it is the same like playing with my AI-Crew, at least they are destroying stuff, more or less).

Here are some examples of how incompetent the AI is:


Aiming for an indestructible entity ... why? Looks like a Nyx and Xaku bug from the past, where the controlled/friendly AI is aiming for invincible entities. Very much copy and pasta bolognese?


The swerving angle/curve is beyond good and evil. Who figured this out, that such a large curve of rotation for the AI would be beneficial?!



And in this one, the AI is jerking around for no reason ... impossible to aim like this


... you can clearly see my "sigh" reaction at the end. This bs is frustrating, especially if you are trying to farm holokeys and the ambassador. I am very much done with this. Not going to bother playing this mode. It just stresses me, and games shouldn't be *@##$ing around with the player this much, if the publisher and developer want to keep their (paying-)base.

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Getting annoyed with these bugs as well. Sucks cause railjack is a lot of fun but when you get locked into a "out of service" screen cause you're trying to see where everyone is at really sucks. I hope its not that they're neglecting these bugs but they just cant figure out how to fix them cause its a kick in the teeth if they dont care when some of us have spent thousands of dollars over the years to keep warframe alive.

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