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Too Many Jugulus Enemies Spawning During "Eliminate Enemies Close to the Vessel" Mission


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During the mission on Deimos where it requires you to collect infested parts, put them into a cauldron, and eliminate enemies within a radius of the cauldron, it seems like a disproportionate number of jugulus enemies spawn.  This is an issue because the mission requires enemies to either spawn within the specified distance from the cauldron or move within range, and the jugulus can't move; they often spawn outside and just stay there.  My understanding is that only a certain number of enemies will spawn at a time, and it seems like sometimes half of the enemies active are jugulus that are stuck outside the radius.  Oftentimes, they aren't even aggroed, so they can be hard to spot, so they're just sitting there taking up the mob cap while my full squad is waiting for enemies to come, with none appearing.  This is a relatively small but nonetheless frustrating issue that seems like it could be easily fixed.  While you're at it, would it be possible to fix the separate issue mentioned elsewhere where only a few of the spawn pods will actually spawn infested?  Thank you.

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