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Kuva Ogris (Nightwatch nappalm colors)


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The Nightwatch Napalm mod is really fun to play with but it would be even better if i could see in front of me 

The colors for now are way too bright and we CANT change them 

We can change the explosion color of the ogris but not the bright white and orange fireball 

The orange fire is way too brightand it makes it harmful for the eyes when someone is spamming it everywhere 

+the colors on your ogris doesnt affect the Nightwatch Napalm so it s always bright orange

Make us able to change the color so we can put darker colors OR make it darker orange on it s own, not possible to change it but darker OR make us able to only make it darker like how it q right now is the brightest and when we put darker color it just make the orange darker so we can see pls.

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Honestly this does need to be addressed, my friend uses that mod exclusively and its difficult sometimes. But I kinda wish they'd just tone the fire down, or make it like the napalm puddles from the penta mod instead. I mean its called nightwatch napalm, not nightwatch solar flare.

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