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Vulpaphyla permadeath with devolution (sly)


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so having the devolution mod, sly in this case, is supposed to make the vulpaphyla immortal, meaning it can revive itself after 30 seconds, but I've had several times in several missions my vulpaphyla die and not displaying the message of ("name" has been revived) meaning its gone into the larva state and ready for revive with the timer, and having it just dead for the rest of the mission, which is a real bother.

i tried recreating this in different occasions and couldn't, which is kinda odd, even got to record a clip of it, and tried recreating it on the simulacrum, maybe I'm just bad at it, but couldn't trigger the "bug" again

using lavos fist ability that heals you, also heals the companion (only tried with vulpaphyla), and in combination with tek Assault and Martyr Symbiosis, could make a weird mix in making this bug happen.

clip below of before and after the event, and images of the builds, lavos / sly vulpaphyla.



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