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Check the forum, there is lots of info.

No clear explicit rules, and players have been banned. The consensus seems to be that "automating" the game leads to bans, while "reconfiguring" keypresses does not. During the "spin & win"-phase "melee on-melee off" macros (press a key to start automatic E-spam, press a key to stop automatic E-spam" where commonly used, but those macros lead to bans even then if you were caught. And DE has improved macro-detection since then (by a lot). Use at your own risk (I wouldn't).

DE also detects other software running on your computer and class some of it as "hacks" (which will lead to bans). That is from simply having such software running while playing Warframe. For this reason several players I know are using official brand-dependent keyboard/mouse-software only, and I've never heard anyone having a problem from that.

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