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Fashionframe made smoother.

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After spending countless hours on making my frames look awesome (i own all warframes, all A B C and 10+ additional customisation slots are all filled with fruits of my imagination) I believe i have enough experience with fashionframe to propose some qol changes. I believe my proposals would make visual customisation much more streamlined and fun. 

Firstly, some small, UI only changes:

1. Please make 'randomise all' be hold button for 2 seconds, instead of press. I've lost hours of fine tuning when quickly switching between modding and fashion tabs. 

2. Instead/in addition to favourite colours i'd love to see an option to copy all colours used in currently chosen item to separate favourite tabs. And then apply them to currently edited frame/attachments/syandana etc with a single click. Big separate button please, or even better hold to apply. Currently to do that we need to pick the frame that has prefered colours, copy link to party/clan chat, change to frame we want the colours to be on, click on link, apply, pick ABC, wait, type confirm. And it copies all attachments, glyphs and syandana. Useless if you just want eg to change attachments colours. 

3. Add 'swap' button to default/randomise rows. So we could swap for example primary and secondary colours without the need to memorize which palette and exact position of the colour for both. That would avoid many unnecessary steps, especially when editing random set. 

4. Option to lock palletes, so they are ignored by random pick. Some palettes are useless for your current project (or always, like USA flag imo) , option to exclude them from  would be greatly appreciated) 

5. When choosing palette, add a button to pick random colours from that specific pallete only. Would be much faster and smoother to start creating something in aesthetic you want. 

6. When previeving not purchased alt helmets please let us see only the helmet from alt skin, without changing whole skin. For example i'd love to check how Graxx helmet only would look on my Atlas. Right now i'd need to buy the skin first. 

Another feature i'd love to see is the ability to move syandanas/attachments closer and further to your frame. They are connected by nubs, which make some item/frame combinations look bad, like cheap plastic model. That would enable us to hide those nubs inside, make those items look much better and also wouldn't require DE Staff to fix those items on all the frames and alternate skins. 

And finally material picker when DE? ;-)

Edit: Keybind to change between ABC customisation slots without getting into arsenal. That would lead to me picking a new outfit between missions MUCH more often. 

Edit 2: PLEASE let us choose what pose our warframes use on post mission screen. Front/back/side. And if they would use emotes on that screen... That alone would be a reason to collect emotes most of us use only for nightwave challenge and when waiting on extraction for too long. 

Customisation slots for landing craft! 

And last but not least: Please, for the love of Clem, disconnect syndicate rep from sigils! I HATE being forced to change sigils 130 times+ when i switch syndicate

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