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Not recieving my Authenticator code in my mail (I cant play the game!)



So when I login I get "Verification Required - (...)to ensure safty of your account (...) sent mail (...) enter code (...) will expire in 30 minutes." after I reinstalled the game, which I know is supposed to happen I`ve activated 2fa.

And obviously I´m not geting the 2fa authenticator code in my mail so now I`m stuck here. Everything is setup correctly and Ive checked through my all my folders in the mail multiple times. I´m not geting the email. Also I can´t turn the 2fa off manuallt (and the support havent responded to me in over 2 weeks) and I´m also unable to change my email due to the confirmation mail im ALSO not geting, just like with the authenticator code. What should I do about that? Better to quit this broken game for good? :)

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Yes I know what mail im using and Ive been giving it atleast 30mins at max. But yea during the timespan of around 3 weeks Ive been trying to login probably 50 times in total

Also I know I should reach out to the support but the reason im making a post here is ive been trying to reach the support for 3 weeks now and im still unable to play the game.


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