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Tantalus, The Greedy Collector [Grappler Loot Support Warframe]


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Warframe: Tantalus.

Armor - 600.
Energy - 200 (300 at max rank).
Health - 300 (900 at max rank).
Shield - 150 (450 at max rank).
Sprint Speed - 1.3



A Warframe of many arms and higher standards for hoarding, Tantalus will reap the rewards of others lives.


// Note: These are the stats at Rank 30. AS, AD, AR,  AE = Ability Strength, Duration, Range, Efficiency //


Passive (Mine):

Tantalus's loot vacuum range is increased by 5m. Any loot picked by Tantalus will grant him and nearby allies within affinity range Status Immunity for 5s with a cooldown of 10s.


1st Ability (Snatch):

Tantalus can target 10 enemies (AS) using his collected Orokin Monocle.
- Tapping the ability after targeting, Tantalus will use his largest arms protruding from his back to grab all targeted enemies and hold them on his back for use of his abilities. Holding it with enemies will hurl all currently held enemies into the direction Tantalus is looking.
- Holding the ability after targeting, Tantalus will use his largest arms protruding from his back to grab all targeted enemies and slam them against the ground, creating an area of 20m (AR) that increases loot chance by 30% if enemies are killed in that area.

{Initial Cast: 10 Energy (AE).}


2nd Ability (Thievery):

Tantalus has a variety of buffs which he can bestow upon him and allies within 10m; Phoenix (Protects from lethal damage once per mission), Blacksmith (Grants 50% Damage (AS) to weaponry and refills ammo) and Greed (Doubles loot chance for Tantalus and allies). 
- Tapping the ability cycles through the buffs.
- Holding the ability, Tantalus will crack the skull of a carried enemy, dealing 500 True Damage (AS) and bestow the selected buff, discarding the enemy and freeing up a slot. Discarded enemies who live will be given a Bleed Status Effect, which is half of the True Damage, for 15s (AD).

{Initial Cast: 50 Energy (AE).}


3rd Ability (Committee):

Tantalus will convert any carried enemies up to 3 enemies (AS) to divert all agro away and onto the converted. For 10s (AD), they will actively seek out all enemies and permanently disarm before returning to Tantalus. They will also share Tantalus's vacuum and loot chance if they happen to kill an enemy.

{Initial cast: 25 Energy (AE).}


4th Ability (Spoils Of War):

Using 3 pairs of arms [One on his back, another is the standard arms and a small pair on his hips], he brandishes a variety of weapons he has hoarded for a long time to use in battle. His back arms use hooks, his shoulder arms use a combinable shield and his hip arms use daggers. He can switch between the pairs of arms by tapping the ability. Holding the ability will cancel the ability. All of these weapons can be customised individually.

{Initial Cast: 15 Energy, Drain: 10s (AE).}

// A tribute to Triburos. Witness me >:D //

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