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I Could Just Be The Rng, But...


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  1. Naiad (Neptune): Enemy Courier Located - 48m - 2200cr - Aura Trinity Helmet (Blueprint)

  2. Elion (Mercury): Enemy Munitions Officer Located - 36m - 3300cr

  3. Telesto (Saturn): Enemy Weapons Trader Located - 64m - 6200cr

  4. Ariel (Uranus): Enemy Task Force Located - 55m - 5100cr

  5. Shax (Europa): Abducted Civilian - 60m - 4200cr - Aura Trinity Helmet (Blueprint)


...so that's 2 Aura Trinity Helmets in the last 2 hours.


It *COULD* just be a quirky, quirky coincidence, but as memory serves with all of the "and things that are on alert will not be on alert again for a while...", perhaps "a while" should mean slightly longer than "an hour"?

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i've seen this happen more than once. items repeat within close time of each other. 




i made a thread on it in the past as well. 

i want it to be fair for everyone, certainly - but if an item is coming up twice or three times a day, within only a few hours of each other, that isn't any different for the person on the opposite side of the planet that is going to be asleep regardless of how many times you have the same Alert in a 5 hour window. 


we fixed this once, interestingly. but lately, it seems like it unraveled itself. 

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