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How Good is DE at Fixing False Positive Bans?



I got banned last night, typical "banned until 2035" message. I think I'm safe saying that I haven't done anything that would get me banned. The most recent thing I did was buy 50 dollars worth of plat... 

So my question is, how good is DE at fixing false positive bans? I have over 2,000 hours game time on Steam and have spent hundreds of dollars on this account, so if the ban doesn't get lifted I guess I'm never playing the game again. Has anyone been banned and not gotten a response back from DE or not had the ban lifted? I've heard it can take weeks to get a response (rip daily logins). Then again, I guess if someone did get permanently banned they wouldn't be on this forum to answer my question... 

TL:DR - spent 50 bucks on my favorite game and got banned for it, RIP dreams of getting Primed Sure Footed. 

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Ask the Warframe Supoort why they banned you. We as players cant hellp you with that sry.



- Did you bought the Plat from steam/ their official site? 

- Did you change your geo location to get a better plat/money offer?

thats 2 things i can think of that are ban worthy


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