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The new, true "Nemesis" from the SoP update: Invincible and somtimes even invisible MOAs


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Only encounterd them during survival missions in the new Corpus ship tilesets since SoP update, both on the star chart and during Railjack missions. So far I had: Standard MOA , that shoots blue rapid-fire projectiles, the cold MOA, that shoots a single cold beam and the twin laser beam MOA in Railjack, that freezes you as well. It's "fun" to have one of the latest being invisible and following you around for 15 min straight, "granting" you a permanent cold proc, while you try to reach the C rotation... Might have something to do with the amount of effects going on during Fissure and Voidstorm missions, but I also had this happen during a mission on a node occupied by my sister. Please nerf, MOA OP...

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