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Hunting Spots not apprearing when Tranq Rifle eqipped - Orb Valis


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The hunting spots should appear on the Map (holding M) when the tranq rifle is equipped; they are not.

I restarted my client and either traveled directly to Orb V or went to Fortuna then through the gate to Orb V.

I for sure have the tranq rifle equipped and on the gear wheel. I do not have any lures equipped.


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Tranq Rifle and Lures, both instances should show the map icons.

If they are not acting like this ... than this bug sounds familiar to me. It was a desasterous issue back during Fortuna, where the imprints and markers were literally not visible, neither on the map nor in front of you.

On top of it, the Sentinel for this purpose was also bugging out heavily and got "fixed" by literally changing the mod behavior from A to B (this actually means, that they had no clue how to fix it an reworked the mod entirely).


You may wait for them to return from their well-so-precious tennocon🙄and fixing this entire mess of acolytes not spawning, half of the galv mods are buggy af, enemy spawn not properly triggering, enemies spawning right in front of you, this bug you've mentioned, primary/secondary deadhead arcanes are not triggering due to heat/slash/etc procs killing the enemy instead, and a lot more.

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