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Tenet Tetra and Tenet Flux Rifle are not able to be Entitled by Rude Zudd or Father


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So I'm enjoying the Sisters of Parvos update a ton, but ive been entitling my Tetra weapons and couldn't help but notice that the Tenet Tetra and Tenet Flux Rifle are not available to entitle by Rude Zudd OR Father.

I have used the Tenet Cycron and the Tenet Spirex, but I do not currently own them so I cannot confirm/deny if they show up. For the purposes of this post, we'll say they do.

Image 1: Upon searching for "Tenet" in Rude Zudd's/Fathers entitle feature, only the Arca Plasmor, Detron, Diplos, and Envoy are available to entitle.

Image 2: Upon searching "Tenet" in my inventory, you can see the Flux Rifle and Tetra are indeed in my inventory.unknown.png

You might also be able to notice I've entitled the available Tenet weapons, to remove the Sisters name. I'd really love to be able to do the same for my Tetra and Flux rifle, so hope this helps you guys find out what's wrong.

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