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Nikana heavy attack animations inconsitiency


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Is there a chance for the Dev team to look at Nikanas heavy attack animation and adjust it just a little bit? Nikanas heavy attack moves you incredible amount of distance to the point where it doesn't feel like combo spender heavy attack - something it should be, but instead a gap closer - something it shouldn't be because Nikanas have some of the best gap closers in the game already:

Blind Justice 12 m aoe ground dash
Decisive Judgement 7 m 2 hit swing
Tranquil Cleave 9 m 1 hit downward slash

Each of those gap closers feel like they have a place in the combat and they feel incredibly good to use.

Now for the Nikanas heavy attack, it's a 7m forward heavy swing followed by 5m forward heavy swing if you decide to continue the heavy combo. It's an animation overkill, it's just ridiculous if you want to use it on an enemy that you've been fighting for a while, you need to run 7 meters away from them or do super jerky mouse movement to adjust camera just so you won't miss your heavy attack which happens either way most of the time due to unique animation hitboxes and discourages players from doing those heavy attacks.

Now if you compare it to other weapon types, most weapons have 0-2m(those weapons feel godly to use) forward heavy attack, with few exceptions going 3-4m(those doesn't feel as good as 0-2 but aren't bad either) forward. As far as I know only Nikanas stand out and because of that it's much harder to adjust to them after using other melee weapons.

What I'd suggest and I don't want Dev team to do something resource heavy, especially now, when there are more important things to be worked on. I'd like them to just shorten the distance your character lunges during Nikana heavy attack animation at least by half, you don't need to cross that much distance during heavy attack because you can still freely walk when that animation begins, you have no control over the 7m lunge however which is very bad, also heavy slide attacks exist. Preferably I'd love if all heavy attacks in the game were stationary, or if you had full control over your character legs during those animations but I don't think it's currently needed.

That's why I'd prefer devs to do the easiest, quickest hotfix to that issue which IMO is: shortening the distance your character lunges during Nikana heavy attack swing, but I guess it's up for the Devs if and how to fix that.

I didn't know if I should put this topic in the animation feedback or weapons feedback, so if it's in the wrong place, please forgive me.

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