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Parvos is the best update for one reason. Map variety and suggestions on future


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kind of a call-out to myself, having posted my doubts on this thread about map variety


basically, with the changes to steel essence drop, and the reward of farming weapon's arcanes from acolites to use first and then sell, FINALLY warframe lets me do any type of content anywhere in the game.


I have been loving the fact that I can login one day and decide to farm acolytes on earth, even in the open world, and the next on Mot as usual ... then only corups, or only infested.


Wheter it was intentional or not, good frikkin job, because while not releasing new maps, you incentivized and allowed more map variety, thing that is only present in fissure missions, hurt by loading screens and waiting for randoms or host migrations ... not even railjack(!) cuz they are the same every time, big sad ...


Now ... if you'd be so kind do either of these :

1) make corpus liches drop a radiant relic when a combination is correct, like kuva liches drop kuva

2) increase kuva dropped from kuva liches ... in my eyes, it needs to be an equal way for the player to get insane amount of kuva just like survival on the queen's station-asteroid-thing ...


both of the above incentivize involved gameplay from the player ALL OVER THE STARCHART(!) 


3) Make sure Railjack will have different tilesets ... I am sad to report that the space-ship tileset has already become more of a nuisance than anhthing else ... very sad as it's beautiful, and am humbled(?) / inspired by the amount of optimizations in creating the game models.


Lastly, do please consider the idea of a Weekly SUPER-lich (both corpus and grineer) we have to defeat for great rewards ... distinct from the ones we create ourselves.


They can be super hard and with a backstory or quirks even, as most of my liches dis not have them, so i missed them ;_; ... they can even become a meme in the community


Thank you for your work, will sound cheesy and cringe but my life would really be lessened by this game not existing. best of luck

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Far from it in my opinion.

I don't care about getting new weapons, or the ephemera's added in the update, so right off the bat the sisters themselves offer no interest to me specifically. But the "fixes" added to bring guns up to par with melee, don't even accomplish this, since every single one of them is "on kill", the only weapons truly benifiting from these arcanes and galvanized mods, are the weapons that could already kill, and didn't need them.

Sure those weapons are doing more damage, but everything that needed the damage, didn't get anything. Essentially raising the meta guns up the melee's level, while leaving every other gun in the game behind.

But that's just my opinion, there have been far better updates in the past like cetus, fortuna, steel path.

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The mission variety of Steel Essence comes at the cost of having no control over your resource farm and no way to boost efficiency. The variety is also an illusion because some tile sets are just better for funneling enemies.

Sisters are just copy-pasted Kuva Liches. I thought DE had told us they would be different? The same problems are still apparent between both nemesis systems, and instead of making it more engaging, they just sped up Murmurs and called it a day. Adaptive Damage Reduction is also a terrible mechanic as it actively punished you the better you're modded. Everyone under the sun is left circumventing this poor mechanic with external buffs such as Volt/Banshee/etc.

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Unfortunately not. There are some things I definitely take issue with.

As previously stated by the others, the "weapon balance check" did not benefit the weaker elements of the arsenal whatsoever. The Sisters aren't particularly unique from their Grineer counterparts in any meaningful ways.

While I'm glad that DE decided to incorporate Railjack into the final confrontation as they had originally shown at TennoCon several years back, there were no significant changes made to the absolute slog that is the Requiem Mod grind. The new mods & arcanes that were added only exist reinforce power-creep, and not major stat adjustments were made to the weapons that so desperately need some significant boost in effectiveness. In essence, MR Fodder remains a sad, arbitrary reminder of DE's poor design choices. Worse yet is the fact that converted Liches & Sisters still lack any major customizable components to them, and their only role in Railjack remains to be the Defender role.

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