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Thrall + Hound group hunting



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There are very few ways for this to happen in public missions (unless there is an existing lich that was made before the sisters update),

If you join a squad that is hunting liches (through recruit or an invite) and you have a sister you do NOT get any murmur progress.

It is best to quit (or just finish the mission) if this happens.

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I've actually encountered this the other day because matchmaking was wonky and decided to throw me, a solo-queuer, into a Lich mission despite having a Sister at Neptune.

The answer is No. Thralls will not contribute to the murmur progress of a Sister, and Hounds will not contribute to a Lich. In turn, your Nemesis will also not get angrier by stabbing the opposing faction. Heck, if anything, they quite enjoy the other faction getting attacked...

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