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New Mods/Ideas for Predasites or other Companions


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Similar to Martyr Symbiosis

 Protector Symbiosis - Predasites Only The visuals would look like the nidus link with a little slack in the line, then some form of infested armor like growth on the frame maybe belt like

     Your Predasite Links to you Giving you These Benefits while Within 15m of you, Your Predasite also Gains 150 Armor, Heath, and 10% of your damage taken sent to your Predasite instead.  And Their Repective Spore Effect, with 50% increased Effectiveness, its also centered on you. 


  • Vizier gives the Iatric Mycelium, (450hp over 5 Seconds)   
  • Pharaoh Predasite Gives the Anabolic Pollination (150% increased toxin Damage for 6 Seconds) 
  • Medjay Predasite (would have to be slightly altered) Paralytic Spores Enemies who hit you while they are below 1/3rd Max hp (including shields) are stunned for 3 seconds (within 10m of you) Opened to finishers with 25% increased damage taken.


 Supressing fire - Robotic companions, for each shot fired increase damage dealt by 5% but decrease accuracy by a maximum of 10% (5 shots to get the maximum accuracy decrease) until reload. Hits have a (100%?) chance to proc puncture. (the Negative Accuracy overides the cap you can hit so it cant be pinpoint accurate with this effect)


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