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Other players inputs forcing inputs on my side


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Something weird is going on after the Sisters update and I have no idea how to explain.

What I can see happening is: when there is a button prompt on my side (parazon stab, pick item, open door, self revive) and a teammate is nearby, sometimes that action is made without me clicking said button.

At first I thought it was just muscle memory and I wasnt really paying attention to me pressing buttons, but now I have noticed that a LOT of times, I would self revive without holding X or stab a hound immediately after it goes down.

I guess it happens more often on high-ish ping sessions, so always as a client, but it always the same thing, a button press prompt will happen when a teammate is nearby, like he was trying to do it and the command somehow happened on my side.

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One thing I've noticed in warframe is that the game loves to "stack" inputs. This is very noticeable with necramech jumping.

If you hit the jump button while in mid-air, you'll jump again when the action is available. It's also very noticeable with melee attacks, I have my melee on my mouse, and when attacking I accidentally hit primary fire, then after I stop for a sec (to hit an air supply or open chat or something) i'll let out a random shot with whatever gun I have on (a random rocket or shotgun blast). You can stack it for minutes, and the game will remember that you hit the button, instead of invalidating the input.

Especially on high-ping games, it could be compounding that you hit the use button then it takes a second or two to register because you're busy with other actions. It's only an experience I've had, this could certainly be a new thing as well though.

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