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Do we lefties get ignored until warframe is no more?


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I dont need to say much about that.

Game is 8 years old, and still has no option to use the mouse as a left hander.

Sure, i could change the key config, but that only works for the gameplay part.

I cant use my mouse normaly as a lafty whenever theres any damn menu to klick.

How can this be? Im loosing about 30-40% game performance (i see it at fps) if i use the only possible fix right now: switch to borderless fullscreen.

Im not even talkin bout some weird as bug like Garas renewal not working (4 resetting 2. cd).

Are you guys really that ignorant to us leftys? A somewhat experienced coder could change this in

propably less than 5 mins (if it aint spaghettified)...


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12 hours ago, 71r3n said:

How can this be? Im loosing about 30-40% game performance (i see it at fps) if i use the only possible fix right now: switch to borderless fullscreen

Yo just wondering how are you losing so much performance from Fullscreen to borderless fullscreen? I have no impact of fps while playing on Borderless Fullscreen maybe it has to do with some windows options? What Windows are you running? and GPU Nvidia or AMD?

Because if it works for you in borderless fullscreen see if you can find why you are tanking so much in performance compared to fullscreen.

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As someone with coding experience, "probably less than 5 minutes" is literally impossible, even if they've had the same coder since day 1 and only ever used that one coder.

Finding the issue alone can take days, months, years. Factor in the fact the game IS 8 years old, and you have 8 years of content to sift through to find the issue.

It's not as easy as dropping "if left handed = yes, then game play nice" anywhere in the code.

Complaining about mouse controls not working "left-handed in menus" is not a new issue, and has been around since computers first came around with mice. Creating that kind of support falls more on the makers of the actual hardware for both mice AND windows/mac/whatever else you're using to play Warframe.

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And there are litterally hundreds of threads like that.

Also, there are threads way back to 2014, if i dig a bit more, ill propably even find some from release year 2013.

Yeah, 5 mins was exagerated, and that should be obvious. But if they had tackled the problem when it occured, then it wouldnt been so much more than 5 mins.

This is no problem of the hardware makers, since my hardware works for a lefty with any other game i own, and that arent just a few.

I could use my g900 from logitech, i could use my old 2013 razor orochi, or even any cheap ass generic mouse, and i could still use it as a lefty in any game i own with no problems at all.



Sadly, i dont know what causes it.

My system is completly configurated for gaming.

Edited energy plan with no energy saving mode. System aint allowed to shut off unused usb connection, warframe is set to high priority,

i dont even use any antivir since i trust defender enough, and i dont have any resource hungry software etc running.

It is propably the forced rez that "Borderless Window" comes with, since im playin on a 2560x1600 screen, but if i choose fullscreen, i play only on fhd.

So that is propably where my resources are going to.

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