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Inaros rework idea


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Inaros is known to all as an almost immortal warframe, with useless abilities that cast only sand. While I disagree with that definition, being that abilities give him a decent CC, and the ability to heal himself and allies, CC isn't a much sought after thing in warframes, as the things a player looks for in a warframe they are damage, or survival skills. Inaros already has immense survivability, but at damage level it is below 0.

With the rework I propose below, inaros could be more competitive with other warframes, without its survivability being compromised, but with a bonus in its ability to deal damage, and its ability (unknown to most people) to heal allies.



Now : Resurrect the undying king of the desert with the death of his foes. Upon his death, inaros enters a sarcophagus, and can inflict 75 true damage to enemies around him, and for every 1% of the enemy's combined health he removes with this effect, his revive bar increases by 0.5%.

Problems : The main problem with this passive effect is that the damage despite being pure, a type of damage that ignores the damage reduction and armor of the enemy, is very low, and is barely enough to revive in common missions without aid.

Solution : The mechanics are ok, but to make this passive valid, a damage change would be necessary, and not a trivial buff as many might think, increasing the damage from 75, to maybe 200/300, because after a while it would still be useless. In my opinion, the damage should be changed from a fixed number, to a percentage relative to the maximum HP of the enemy hit, in order to make it valid at every level.

Rework : Upon death, it drains the life energy of the enemies around you to return to life. When inaros dies, he is encased in a sarcophagus, dealing true damage to every enemy within 25 meters. True damage is equivalent to 8% of the enemy's maximum HP. When you look directly at an enemy, it will be lured to you, taking double damage. For every 1% of life stolen from an enemy, the revive progresses by 0.5%, requiring the killing of 2 enemies for a full revive. Enemies within range of this effect are slowed by 70%.


Ability 1

Now : Blast enemies with a wave of cursed sand that blinds them and steals their health.

Problems : There is no problem with the skill. The range is okay, the damage is not needed as the skill is a CC skill, but it could be improved. The life steal that the ability offers, even if it is a secondary effect, is directly proportional to the damage, which being low, is equivalent to a regeneration of a few hp every second (a number that can be counted on the fingers of one hand) .

Solution : Change the lifesteal to an air cure for Inaros and his allies equivalent to a precise number of HP every second, per enemy. Healing could be equivalent to 8 hp / s, for each enemy hit by the skill. Healing would be given to Inaros within an unlimited range, but also to any ally within 15 meters of a hit enemy, or Inaros.

Reworked : Hit enemies with a blast of cursed sand, which blinds them and transfers their life energy to Inaros and any ally close enough.


Name : Desiccation

Cost : 25

Initial damage : 450 (100% true damage)

Damage over time : 175 (100% true damage)

Duration : 16 seconds

Range : 25 meters

Healing : 8 hp/s /enemy

Healing radius for ally : 15 meters from a hit enemy or from Inaros


Ability 2

Now : Hold power to trap target in quicksand and draw them in for devouring; this steals health and ultimately creates a friendly Sand Shadow.

Problems : Skill with a powerful CC, focused on it, is able to heal Inaros with frightening speed. The problem with the ability is that it hits a single enemy, and must be used tactically, and this causes the ability to be outclassed by others, such as Khora's 2nd which is also its subsume, and even if it fails to cure, it has a frighteningly superior cc. I do not even mention the fact that the ability can heal allies, because 95% of warframe players do not know this fact, and the 4.5% of the remaining 5% do not know how to use it, although the heal is considerable.

Solutions : One solution to make the skill better is the general buff and some interesting additions. The promo buff would be to its passive damage, the second would be to make sure that the ability can hit multiple enemies around the enemy originally hit, or that it can extend. A change to make is to make sure that the skill can heal not only actively, but also passively, so the skill will not only heal those who interact with it, but passively heal all those around the enemy hit. Another great little addition will be seen in the new skill description.

Reworked : Trap groups of enemies in lethal cursed quicksand, which only the most powerful can survive, unless Inaros decides otherwise, and the enemies you kill will be converted into slaves of sand, or worse.

More specific description : By activating the ability while targeting an enemy, both he and any enemy close enough will be trapped in quicksand that will prevent them from moving, or taking other actions. The ability also works against special enemies and small, non-flying bosses, but they will only take damage and will be able to move with reduced speed and shoot.

When no enemies are trapped by quicksand, you can charge the ability to increase the range in which enemies are trapped.

When at least one enemy is trapped, by holding the ability, the hit enemy and any other enemies in quicksand close enough will be encased in a massive sarcophagus, which will act as a barrier, and kill them within 8 seconds, regardless of theirs. hp. Upon the death of the enemies, the sarcophagus will open, and a monstrous guardian will emerge who will act as a ghost, attacking enemies and will be able to use the 1st ability of Inaros freely. The Guardian's HP and damage depend on the number of enemies, their combined total HP, and their level.

On the other hand, when an enemy dies from quicksand, and in other ways while affected by them, he will transform into a sand slave, who will act as a ghost and melee the enemies.

There will be a radius around which, every ally including Inaros will be healed for a massive amount of HP, and the radius is doubled for Inaros. Both allies and Inaros can interact with enemies affected by the ability, to devour them and obtain an incredibly high healing, capable of healing anyone within a second.

When an enemy is consumed to death, the HP of whoever consumed it increases for a considerable amount of time.


Name : Desert funeral

Cost : 50

Damage per second : 1.000 (100% true damage)

Duration : 30 seconds

Cast range : 50 meters

Effect radius : 8 meters (In that range, any enemy around the one originally hit by the ability will be hit by the ability)

Healing radius : 15 meters (x2 for Inaros)

Healing/s : 75% damage inflicted to enemy

Bonus health if enemy is consumed : 150 (unaffected by mods) 

Bonus health duration : 30 seconds

Bonus health limit : 1.500

Charge time (with no enemies affected by the ability) : 1 second

Charged cast range : 150 meters

Charged effect radius : 16 meters

Charge time with at least 1 enemy affected by the ability : 1.5 seconds

Effect : Each foe affected by the ability will immediately be dragged towards the most powerful of the enemies affected by the ability, and will all be encased in a massive sarcophagus, to re-emerge as a monstrous guardian.

Duration : 8 seconds (unaffected by mods or any other effect, after this time, the guardian will emerge)

Guardian health = Enemies combined health x average enemies level

Guardian damage : 500/hit x enemies number encased in the sarcophagus (100% true damage)

Guardian attack in melee

If the guardian is affected by any status, the guardian damage will be converted in that status with 50% status chance

Max 3 guardians can be active at the same time

Guardian have unlimited duration, but limited health


Ability 3

Now : Become a whirling spiral of sand that sends enemies flying and devours those trapped in quicksand.

Problems : This skill has more problems than a math book. The ability is not valid in almost any situation, and I say this as main Inaros and as a person who loves him, and who always tries to find something really positive. The ability has no range, verticality, damage and CC is limited, plus it limits your agility and ability to use weapons.

Solutions : This ability has a lot of potential, both as a damage ability, as a CC, as a defense ability, to allow Inaros to reach the nice 99.9% damage reduction. The promo change to do is to allow Inaros to use weapons while the ability is active. The second change is to increase reach and give verticality from the skill. Another change that would be interesting in personal opinion, is to allow the ability to increase damage as Inaros absorbs damage while the ability is active. You will see the other changes in the new description and detailed explanation.

Reworked : Generates a mighty whirlwind of cursed sand around Inaros, capable of eroding the bullets and blades of enemies that are likely to hit you, as well as their armor and flesh, increasing the vortex's lethality and abrasive capacity.

More specific description : The ability will have an activation cost, and a cost over time, and upon activation a vortex with a precise radius and considerable height (compared to the current ability) will be generated. Inaros will be able to move with a slight reduction in speed, due to the weight of the sand, but he will be able to use the weapons as he wishes.

The vortex has its own damage per second, which increases with each hit that Inaros takes while the ability is active.

When an enemy enters the vortex, it will not be lifted into the air, as the ability does now, because although it is effective as a CC, it is counterproductive. The enemy inside the vortex will be slowed, taking damage over time, while his armor is constantly reduced. The damage reduction increases as the vortex's damage increases, and as the vortex erodes the armor of enemies, its damage increases.

As the vortex's damage increases, which is done by eroding enemy armor, projectiles and blades, of which eroded fragments spin with the sand, the vortex becomes denser, increasing Inaros's damage reduction, and also the range of the vortex (but not by much).


Name : Sandstorm

Cost : 25 activation + 5/s

Damage/sec : 500

Range : 10 meters + 1 meter/2.000 ability damage (increase up to 5 meters)

Height : 18 meters + 1 meter/2.000 ability damage (increase up to 5 meters)

Damage reduction : 70% +5%/250 ability damage bonus (cap 95%)

Damage reduction is applied to any ally within the vortex, but decreases as the distance from the center increases.

When Inaros takes damage, the vortex's damage is increased by 50% of the reduced damage.

Armor reduction for enemies : 7.5%/s + 1%/ 500 ability damage

Whenever the ability reduces an enemy's armor, the ability gains damage equal to 25% of the enemy's stolen armor.

Enemy speed reduction when inside the vortex : 45%


Ability 4

Now : Charge to transform health into hardened scarab armor. Discharge to blast enemies with a scarab swarm; survivors have their health drained and bestowed on allies.

Problems : None in my opinion. The ability does well what it was designed for, but that doesn't mean it can't be modified to make it likely to be better, more efficient, or more powerful.

"Solutions" : To make the skill more "interesting", rather than modifying its stats, you could change the way the skill acts. What I mean, is that in the foreground, you could change the percentage of charge, into charges, which passively would allow an increase in armor like the ability does now, and upon activation, the ability would always have an effect of cc, damage and heal, but the charges would allow you to better keep track of how many times the ability can be used before having to charge it again. In addition, synergies with other skills could be added.

Reworked : Charge the ability to convert your life points into charges that create swarms of cursed scarabs that strengthen your armor. Reactivate when you have at least one charge to send the cursed scarabs to settle on enemies, making them vulnerable to your abilities, damaging them, slowing them and converting their life energy into life for Inaros and his allies.

More specific description : When the ability is charged, each a certain amount of HP Inaros will gain a charge, which will passively increase his armor points by a percentage relative to his TOTAL armor.

Each charge will consist of a well-defined number of cursed scarabs, which can be increased with skill power, and will be fired as auto-seeking projectiles, into a cone in front of Inaros, when a charge is consumed by activating the ability.

When a cursed beetle reaches an enemy, it will settle on it, for a predefined length of time, slowing it down, making it more vulnerable to Inaros' abilities, and dealing damage and converting some of the damage into life for Inaros, and any ally close enough to it. 

If an enemy with a beetle on it dies before the beetle's duration runs out, the beetle will fly to another enemy, doubling its remaining duration.


Name : Scarab swarm

Cost : 25 energy/activation

Charges : 4 (Unaffected by common mods)

Charge time : 1.5 seconds/charge

Charge cost : 725 health (unaffected by mods)

Armor bonus/charge : 3.125%/ Cursed scarab

Cursed scarabs/charge : 8

Scarab flight speed : 25 m/s

Scarab damage : 400/s (100% true damage)

Ability vulnerability : +100% (enemies will recive 100% more damage from skills of Inaros)

Scarab duration : 15 seconds

Slowing : 50%

Healing : 150% damage inflicted to enemy/s

Healing radius : 30 meters (unaffected by mods)




Right now, the only synergy between Inaros' current abilities is that between his 3rd and 2nd, which is also the only good thing about 3rd. With my skill kit I propose some new synergies.

Synergy 1 : Sandstorm + desert funeral

Description : Enemies trapped by Desert Funeral that will be hit by Sandstorm will take triple damage from both abilities, and regardless of the number of HP remaining, after 8 seconds under the effect of this synergy they will die, and they will be transformed into sand clones, unless they are enclosed in a sarcophagus.

Synergy 2 : Scarab swarm + Desiccation

Description : Using Desiccation while Scarab Swarm has at least one charge, it will throw 2 cursed beetles at random enemies hit by Desiccation, with no consumption for Scarab Swarm.

Synergy 3 : Scarab swarm + Sandstorm

Description : When both Scarab Swarm and Sandstorm are active, enemies affected by Sandstorm for more than 2 seconds will be hit by a cursed beetle from Scarab Swarm, with no consumption for Scarab Swarm.

Synergy 4 : Scarab swarm + Passive

Description : While Scarab Swarm is active when Inaros takes fatal damage, and his passive is activated, the damage dealt by the passive is increased by 0.1% base for each beetle.



Desiccation : Desiccation's Curse 

Description : Killing an enemy hit by this skill will have a 75% chance of converting them into a sand slave. + 100% execution damage.

Desert funeral : work in progress

Description : work in progress

Sandstorm Elemental sandstorm

Description : Sandstorm has a 50% chance to inflict any status on any of your weapons.

Scarab swarm Negation swarm

Description : When Inaros is hit by any status effect, a charge of Scarab Swarm will be consumed, and Inaros will become immune to any status effect for 8 seconds. +4 max stacks to Scarab Swarm.


Thanks for reading (if you have read). Tell me what you think below in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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