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Steel Path General Tips and Tricks



After the recent update, I got all of the galvan mods and tried to do steel patch which I never touched before since it was released, started with earth and it was fairly easy, my kill rate is almost the same with normal mode and the amount of enemies is fun, now that I'm reaching lua, my Corinth prime with galvan mods takes 4-5 shots for one lancer and it feels awful, frame choice I just use any that fits the mission but so far it feels like im choosing the cheesiest way since enemies are hard to kill.

I looked around for recent guides but it was all from last year so I need information from recent updates, Can you guys share how do you usually do Steel Path?

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if you want to make Corinth work, try one of two avenues:

Corinth having Corrosive+Fire Damate, use the Grenade to apply Status first, then shoot with the main shot.

Melee Weapon with the Armor debuff Status Effects, hit Enemies a few times first, then shoot with Corinth, Modded for Viral or whatever the Enemies' Health is weak to.


other things you can mix in if it suits you can include any sort of Abilities which can offer Damage additions/increases for yourself, and/or debuffs for the Enemies. whether that be Armor weakening, applying Viral Status to Enemies, giving you new types of Damage or just increasing your existing Damage.


if you mix both Abilities to buff/debuff and using more than one Weapon simultaneously, that'll go a long way.

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2 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

Just a small tip, try out Lock and Load (in addition to Synth Deconstruct & Fiber)
to quickly reload while you're slicing up an enemy or two with your Melee, works quite well I find.

Thanks for the tip but i still just don't use single target semi guns on sp.

More power for people who do.

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If I need to move around a lot and kill enemies such as an extermination mission I will take Mesa or Khora. Whipclaw endgame build and you're good to go. Regulators with Mesa endgame build and you're good to go. You can do a few cute things like heavy attack Pennant build on Mesa just to one shot some heavily armored units and continue moving. Whatever you want.

If stationary defense or a small area defense is needed I like to also bring Xaku sometimes to vary it up a bit. 100% armor removal, tons of floating guns.

Spy, I still take Loki most of the time.

Archwings, I bring my archwing. Whatever.

And that's about it. You can do Steel Path with whatever frame you want. The main things are knowing enough about your frame and the enemies so that you don't die. That often means staying mobile and not standing in one spot for too long. But it also means knowing where you need to be moving to and where you shouldn't be moving to to avoid death. Then there's the issue of also modding your weapons correctly. Truth is, some weapons simply won't work well without some very specific modding. In this case, melee weapons are your best friends as the meta bloodrush combo build will make short work of Steel Path with almost any weapon. Primaries used to depend on Hunter Munitions but now you can also depend on Galvanized Shot to pump your damage up to make more primaries reliable in Steel Path.

Other things like just using Rhino or Titania to cheese a few things, Limbo, Octavia, etc. Use what you got. Use what you want. Steel Path isn't hard. It's just that most people never did long endurance runs so they run into the brick wall not understanding why their builds are poorly optimized and needs adjustment. Also that their playstyle needs to be adjusted also.

All that said, I'm on PC. If you need help feel free to contact me. If I'm not alt/tabbed or afk or running something else I don't mind helping.

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If you're fighting Grinieer mod for armour strip, be it warframe powers or heat on your weapons.

Corpus, go pure toxin and laugh. Even on SP their health bars are usually minute.

Infested, again, heat, some blast maybe. They're still easy to kill whatever your bring.

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Armor removal huh... , abilities that work well with gunplay that i could think of is hildryn's 2, ember's 3, augments like banshee and ash do work but its annoying to recast every time, anything else? Subsume setups can work too

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Personally I use two Frames for Steel Path

Ash with Shuriken Armor Strip Augment. (captures, Spy, etc)

Vauban Range+Duration+Efficiency (Def, Interception, etc)

Both armed with Redeemer Prime.

With exception to 1 use of Trinity for Zealoid Prelate, I completed the Steel Path Star Chart. 

I hope this info helps you.

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27 минут назад, TenzoZero сказал:

abilities that work well with gunplay

Not only abilities. Heat procs on a high status gun do miracles. Now wonder viral+heat is suggested every time. Also slash procs, cause those ignore armor. If you like high status boomstiks ofc.

As for abilities. Frost's 4 removes up to 40% armor with 100% strength. Gause's 3 (subsumable btw) does heat in an aoe. Vauban's Bastille does some armor removal as well.


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Personally, I build for the specifics. For example, Grineer are very armour heavy. I like playing Nidus a lot, he can't strip armour with his abilities... but he doesn't need to if, A. I cluster a group of enemies together. B. Hit them with either a lot of Corrosive fast, a lot of Heat fast, or hard hitting damage that can proc slash. Or some combination of all that. So many Frames don't strip armour, but if they can CC well, cluster enemies, enable or buff your melee and weapons, and you build them for a purpose (Hunter Mumu, lots of Heat status/Corrosive/Slash, potent AOE) they don't need to... alternatively many Frames do come with abilities that strip/debuff enemy defences and I also like using them, so will. Some might require an Augment but Ash, Banshee, etc but yeah. Lots of Frames abilities can deal enough damage too. Also we are talking about just killing/damaging enemies... 

Lots more modes require more than killing enemies, so more tactics are possible/necessarily. Some Frames better with CC may be better for Interceptions or Excavations (big fan of Vauban for these personally), Ivara or Loki for Spies/Rescue. You have Disruption, where you have other variables like Arcane's (Magus Lockdown makes whole process easier for any Frame) - at some point you get to a stage, where you can mix and match a decent build with a combination of what works with what you want to play as well (like if you enjoy Corinth P, is your build Corro/Heat Hunter Mumu?) I haven't used that gun in a while, so it might be and still not be enough - if you like shotguns, I can say the Cedo is capable, Phantasma as well but it is a beam shotgun. 

Good luck! 

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Depending on what you play, some Frames help more then others. 

F.e. Spy - Ivara. Mobile Def. - Limbo, Defense - Khora. 

The Builds do not change. We are getting nerfs, some funny Mods and Arcanas, thats all. 

Meele stays like before. Difference - good Meeles stays good, not so good are now bad. We get a smaller amount of what we should use.

For Weapons, Brama, Zarr, Phantasma or Trumna are great or good. 

Nukor stays good, bur now we need to shake the cursor. The changes made it all here and there a litle bit slower an less smoother, but do not realy change something. For that, DE must rework the Weapons.  

Furax (with Amalgam Mod) and Tonkor are great. Kuva Version on Toxic destoy every Corpus. 

Just play a lilte bit around and try some things. 

Stay with good Weapons (Gram, Kronen Prime, Nami Skyla Prime), they stay good after nerf. 

And use your Frame Abilitys. Limos Rift, Rhinos Iron Skin, Ivaras invisibility, that all makes SP a walk in the Park. 

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Steel path enemies get like 150% extra armor and health in addition to their increased levels, so you need to focus more on being able to kill enemies than on being the fastest on the objective. Weapon buffer frames excel in steel path if you are already familiar with the objectives, or if you don't want to lure the acolyte, you can still cheese spy, rescue missions with your preferred frames and use weapon buffers on the rest.

There are frames with weapon bonus elemental augment mods like oberon, frost, even slap on a rhino 3 or xaku 1 by helminth and you have significantly greater, reliable firepower on primary/secondary/melee/heavy gun with high power strength-duration build. I use this method on high level missions to level weapons, so I can avoid being stuck on hydron/ESO.

There are many weapon buffer frames and you can create variety to have one for each mission type (defense, spy, survival, etc).

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Why does everybody keep throwing the melee meta at the OP while it might be deduced from what OP wrote that he wants to use GUNS not melee.


If you really want to use guns, you should go for a frame that can boost gun damage and tank fairly decent. Mesa and Chroma both suit this role very well even without subsumed abilities.

The other frames that might be feasible are those that provide good crowd-control or other ways to give you a much easier time shooting them without taking to much damage. Limbo, Saryn, Inaros, Loki, Ivara, Ash, Volt... almost every frame has some build or ability to help you take fewer hits. Even using augur mods to use shield-gating more often could be an option.

Kuva and Tenet weapons are best suited for most situations but there are some prime or even normal weapons that can do pretty OK. Against grineer you MUST strip armor in SP so corrosive and/or heat on a decent status chance weapon is a must. I tend to value high damage per projectile weapons quite high in SP because the heat/slash/toxin procs will do a LOT more damage.

Crit based weapons are a bit weak in SP, you can try them if they still have decent status chance. Always put on Hunter Munitions since it is a great boost to the damage per bullet of your gun.


I have yet to play with most galvanized mods so these tips are far from complete but I do hope they are more suitable towards your goal then the other tips given.

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On 2021-07-26 at 7:58 PM, TenzoZero said:

my Corinth prime

Corinth is great and i love it, but personally i don't use single target stuff on SP. Fun goes down the drain and prepare to embrace effectivity.

I'd suggest stuff that shoots rapid or continuously. and chains, penetrate, or do area damage. So i can actually shoot stuff when the galvan mods are activated instead of aiming or reloading with the corinth.

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"Tips and tricks" sounds short and to the point so I shall keep my reply as such.


  • Build around not getting hit instead of trying to tank
  • A little crowd control goes a long way
  • Bypassing shields/armour is more efficient than stripping, in most cases
  • An exception to the above: Xaku can fully strip in a static AoE with Gaze (200% strength). Anything non-boss in its radius will melt
  • Gunblades can make short work of acolytes (with some combo counter up)
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Grineer are really huge, so either use armor strip (as people mention) or just one-shot with slash build weapons. Kuva Chakkhurr with base damage build and ... “Impact status proc slash” mod one-shots regular crowds even at 20-30 minutes of survival, and you won’t really face higher lvls on regular missions. Headshots even oneshot gunners and bombards. But I have unoptimized build, so with good build you can push it even further. So imo Hunter Munitions and Impact->Slash mods are your best friends for steel path...

Or just bring Pennant with heavy attack build/any othher melee... kekw

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If you do a node and end up teamed with someone else, chances are good that they're also walking the star chart. Stay grouped up and clear 2-5 nodes that way.

Radiation's also good for the status. Damage is decent, and if enemies are shooting each other, they're not shooting you.

I believe that you can always do the 5 missions on the daily incursion. That might get you help on nodes you couldn't normally do. 

I've had good luck with Hildryn and Blazing Pillage.

Specters are your friend. I used a Trinity specter to help with Lua defense. You can have a vapor specter, ancient and Clem! all up and helping at the same time. (And also a crewman, but they tend to leave after a while.) For interceptions, I'll stick Trinity and Clem on one of the lesser attacked points, and that's one less for me to worry about.

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2 hours ago, TenzoZero said:

my Corinth prime with galvan mods takes 4-5 shots for one lancer

As was mentioned, you're gonna want something to deal with Grineer Armor.

Armor removal can be nice (I like e.g. a high Range Banshee for that),
though it's certainly not necessary if you instead go for the (Viral plus) HunMun route
which not least Corinth Prime certainly supports, woo dat +200% CC from buffed Critical Deceleration :D

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