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New War Cetus


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So spoilers for what seems like is happening in the new war trailer.

With the Unum possibly no longer defending Cetus and all refugees will have left or are trying to run away. A fun concept would be a mode where we are fighting Eidolons in Cetus.

Maybe have Onkko gathering resources and relics from different buildings throughout Cetus, which places a big target on him. So we have to go down and protect the current building he is in from pursuing Eidolons/Sentients. 

A defense mode where the primary objective switches to different buildings in Cetus and we fight off an onslaught of Eidolons/Sentients trying to destroy them. I don't know how many Eidolons spawning is too much for your average player and/or the engine. But I would love to go up against Eidolons that are more aggressively involved instead of walking around the plains and attacking anything in range. Also fighting them in a different, more arena-like scenery would be pretty cool too.


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