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Void Survival Bug


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I've done multiple tower survivals from 1-3 and when I'm hosting if someone else decides to run to the extraction I apparently forfeit my credit reward. Apparently it only requires for one person to reach the end and the mission completes instantly, it doesn't even give you the Mission ends in: bla bla. It is slightly annoying as I've lost over 300k credits this way. Does this happen to someone else as well? I don't understand how it happens so.. Please check into it!

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Same thing has been happening to my husband and I.  We generally set the game to invite only so it's just the 2 of us and when we do a Survival mission there seems to be something happening where it insta-ends the mission as soon as one of us gets into the extraction and no credits for the other person.


Edit: this isn't happening only in the void, just happened to us on a run on Nuovo on Ceres as well

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