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Kill it with fire challenge now works (since sisters update) any tips for finding infested pods?


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Like title says
I was able to find 2 in iso bounty in cave where toxicity goes up or whatever just before you head deeper into ruins to kill necramech

But then did 3 more of them and i didnt find any

So any tips would be cool

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37 minutes ago, Myscho said:

Obelisks on surface


36 minutes ago, Sevek7 said:

Just do the endless Deimos Excavation bounty. They spawn all the time while defending the excavator. Choose a high base damage weapon (you can't crit the pods) and mod for heat damage. Have fun!


14 minutes ago, BansheePrime said:

The mission to kill more infested than garv has tons of infested pods. tons. Only 1% seem to actually spawn infested on that objective and it seriously needs looking at.

Bless you guys ;)

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