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Railjack Orphix mission rewards are terrible

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I recently ran a Railjack Orphix mission, and noticed that I got Railjack engine parts as a reward and not arcanes. So I took a look at the mission reward tables. The rewards for this mission type are bad - ridiculously bad.

  • For all four Orphix missions nodes, the rewards for both rotations A and B consist entirely of Railjack parts, relics, and Endo; only rotation C contains Arcanes.
  • Since the Orphix mission type delivers a reward for every third Orphix, and the reward rotation follows the standard AABC pattern, this means you need to kill 12 Orphix to get one arcane.
  • The arcanes which do drop on rotation C are still weighted according to their rarity, so gathering a complete set of anything requires a truly stupid amount of time.

To illustrate this last point, let's consider some examples. Arcane Nullifier is a common arcane on the Venus drop table. The formula to calculate the expected number of trials to reach a certain number of successes is N / P, where N is the number of successes and P is the drop chance. We need 15 successes, and the drop rate is 10.34%, so our expected number of trials is 15 / 0.1034 = 145. That is to say, on average, a player would need to run the Venus Orphix mission through rotation C one hundred fourty-five times to get a complete set of Arcane Nullifier. For Arcane Grace, which is a rare drop on the Veil drop table, the drop chance is 1.41%, so the expected number of runs is 15 / 0.0141 = 1064 - over a thousand runs to get a complete set.

This is absolutely, inexcusably ridiculous. By comparison, each of the Eidolons guarantees an Arcane drop, they don't require you to have a Railjack or a Necramech, and they don't require you to do an extra busy-work bonus mission (i.e. the Railjack part of the Orphix mission) just to get the opportunity to fight them.

The reward tables for this mission should be changed. They should not include any Endo, or Railjack parts, or Relics; they should not include anything other than Arcanes. To decide which arcanes they should drop, take the Teralyst's Arcane drop table, divide it into four groups, and assign each of those groups to rotation A for one of the four Orphix missions. Do the same thing with the Gantulyst's Arcane drop table for rotation B, and the Hydrolyst's Arcane drop table for rotation C. Yes, this is much faster and more targeted than the Eidolon farm; that is reasonable, given that the Orphix missions require the player to also invest in both a Railjack and a Necramech. The investment required to do Orphix missions is higher than it is for Eidolons, and the rewards for doing them should therefore also be higher.

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They had a perfect way to distribute Orphix rewards- it was called Operation Orphix Venom. They had items that dropped that were used as currency to purchase Arcanes and such from Father. I wonder why they didn't just let that be a thing for the foreseeable future??

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