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Giving duplicate one and done blueprints or non blueprint parts a new value by upping their sell price.


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We all hate one and done drops, once you get them once you have no use of it anymore. For example if Mission A has a 10% chance to drop a warframe part, you have a 10% chance of getting absolutely nothing of value because you already crafted the part.

How do we fix this? Simple, up their sell price by A LOT.

For example, if an annoying to get warframe part blueprint like Harrow Systems sells for 2500 credits, it should be sold at around 50-250k credits. Now you actually get something worthwhile if the drop system give you a duplicate item.

Sell price can be adjusted based on their rarity.

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1 hour ago, DarkSkysz said:

Been so long since I saw someone complaining about credits =o

They are so easy to get... index, railjack, darksectors.

While trading in my dojo, I already saw players with 1 billion credits xD

Yes they are easy, but giving these duplicate parts a very high sell price makes these item not an insult for player's time. Can you imagine doing a 20 min derelict survival and you get for it is a duplicate Octavia neuro BP? That's a huge slap in the face.

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