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Companion becomes an abomination after a set of specific actions (reproducible)


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(Last screenshot is from a clanmate who helped me test it)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Orbiter, create 2 loadouts: 1 with a kavat, and the other with a sister hound.
  2. Switch loadout to the one with a kavat
  3. Go to Dojo or any Relay (bug happens in both)
  4. Press ESC, then Navigation (ESC -> Fast Travel -> Navigation if in Relay)
  5. Press Change Loadout in the bottom right of navigation screen
  6. Pick a loadout with the hound
  7. Exit navigation screen and find your new pet

The resulting abomination has at least 2 different "forms". I assume both are a different flavor of a wrong rig\texture set during loadout switch.

EDT1: Switching loadout through arsenal does not trigger the bug.

EDT2: The other order of loadout switch (Hound -> kavat) also trigger the bug. Switching loadout again fixes it.

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