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Limbo Rework-Passive issues


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I've been trying to find a different frame to play. Something that no one plays and that to everyone else is bad. I love trying to make something out of the under powered or lost things in the game. I've been trying and trying to make a way to play Limbo without other players complaining and  having a synergy. Honestly I've found a decent one but people still complain because Playing inside a large bubble is just too much for them I guess. Anyway I have a couple small ideas that I think could fix the issue for the most part. 

First thing first. The passive, right. The small tear left behind from the passive when you roll while can somewhat work in a solo situation it's still annoying and irritates other players understandably so. Also annoying for me when people complain about it.  That being said I suggest one of two changes. 

 1. Completely remove the tear component and just allow Limbo to dash in and out of the the rift plane. 


2. Also remove the rift tear but add a banish wave to the dash when you dash through enemies similar to revenants reave but without any damage. 


Second Change- Banish. 

This should actually be a good ability but isn't because again in a solo setting fine. Problem. In group play this ability can not only troll other players but has the issue that you nearly always banish enemies that you would rather not and this annoys other players when they aren't able to damage something. 

Suggested change: The base functionality of the ability is fine and works with his kit as it should but to solve the annoyance, add a second  function to the ability that allows you to hold the ability button to banish any enemies currently in the rift, outside the rift. Given what it is this functionality should either have unlimited range or a very large range to prevent any other problems like two players being really far apart in a survival. That should fix that although there will still be trolling somewhat and that's something that would just have to be tolerated as there are other frames that can troll you in a much worse way.

I think that pretty much sums it up. The rest of his kit works well and is what it is. Rift torrent is actually really strong and is under appreciated and overlooked. The only other change I can suggest is remove the radial banish part although I think it's fine cause again it should synergize with his augment and can again be dealt with by holding the banish button to remove all enemies from the rift if need in any given instance.


I think this is the best changes possible without changing his identity and should fairly easy and quick to make. Please let me know what you think.

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