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Primary / Secondary arcane expansion + Nekros change


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With Sisters of Parvos we've seen the introduction of primary and secondary arcanes and at the moment we can utilize only these 3: Merciless, Deadhead and Dexteritry.

Due to this I was thinking that now it's a good time to revamp some forgotten arcanes... Residual / Theorem to be specific

I know know, the majority of players probably doesn't even bother that those exist but hey, I think that the idea behind is cool, just need some tuning.

The are some cool combos / setups with these arcanes but right now we're force to use 2 Kitgun in order to achive these so I was thinking that could be a good idea to move them from kitgun only to general Primary / Secondary arcanes.

 I mean, we have even to farm those instead of buy it like any other kitgun arcanes!


For Nekros I would really love to see the shadows summoned by his 4° beign healed at the start of the animation instead at the end, a lot of time I press the ulti with 7 shadows and end up with 4, bruh


Forgive my english and thanks for your time

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