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Railjack pilot intrinsics R10 Bkink



a little while ago but finally maxed out my 2 intrinsics section. Engineering was my first intrinsics i maxed out, because i prefer solo play so i focused on engineering for maintenance, then tactical but didn't max. I focused on the importance stuff. Anyway for the R10 pilot, the blink i noticed it doesn't blink that far. How does it work? Does range effect the distance? Or is it just a mediocre ability l?

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Blink is more for battles...    Enemies caught in the wake of a blink jump get slowed.   Its totally unecessary and I never use it.  

There are enemies with heavy shields in both corp/grin sides... might be a good idea to blink through them so you can get behind them.

(corpus crewships have the rotating shield but slowing it and then trying to get behind it would be a colossol waste of time   You just pop his shield from shooting the little tech piece in center of shield.   No need to try and slide behind/around it)

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