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Couldnt continue to mastery 18

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Just came across a fairly irritating issue.

I went to go mastery up, practicing a few times to make sure I had a proper strategy down.

I brought Wukong Prime and used my celestial twin, there was no issue.

Come round 4/5 I dont remember if it was the beginning of round 4 or the end.


Weapons equipped at the time


Kuva Seer

Broken War


I dont know what will come of this post, but im hoping I at the very minimum am not stuck waiting 24hrs due to a bug.

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3 hours ago, (PSN)TheEarthPhoenix said:

Enemies either were not continuing to spawn, or the round would not continue.

I dont know which it was for sure, later tonight when im off work ill upload and link a video.

Did this happen on practice mastery test? or in the really actual mastery test?

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