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[PC] Clan Recruitment | All players welcome


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[PC] Clan Recruitment 

Exhibitor is a small but relaxed clan for any players that may or may not be very active in the game, or just want a friend to play with, as such there is no removal from the clan for inactivity.
All of the labs have been built.
Feel free to ask for help or guidance.
Discord is required 
Weekly giveaways via Discord

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7 hours ago, CyborgSlippers said:

Started the game in 2014, I'm kinda tired of doing everything solo. Are you guys pretty active? May I join? Old team drifted off in 2017.

I'm semi active not sure about others tho, i'll send an invite over just in case you are still interested.



2 hours ago, RainyJane said:

I'd like to join. I'm a casual NA player. MR 7 if that's important. 

Thats perfectly fine, every one is welcome :), sending an invite now.

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You guys are apparently in clans, let me know if you still want to join.
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13 minutes ago, Guwapo21 said:

I just started playing a couple days ago, can I join? Just looking for some people to help me out when I'm having some trouble :)

Not a problem, sending an invite over now, and feel free to ask me for anything if you need it.

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6 hours ago, ShinyPotatomon said:

Id love an invite if I could get one, I'm mr 16 rn and just want some people to play with on occasion :)



4 hours ago, Yourself4224 said:

Hello! I would like to your clan. I'm a casual player though.


3 hours ago, KarmaV said:

Hii ! Recently started playing. Looking for a clan :) 

Of couse you all can, i have sent over the invites, (look in your inbox), also since we hit the player limit we are now a shadow clan.

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2 minutes ago, pdotp said:

Is the community active?

I used to play solo mostly and I wanna interact with other players more so I'd love to join

I would say its fairly active, there are always people online and in the people are is always some online on the discord including myself if you want to play with someone. I will send an invite over just in case you are still insteasted.


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