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Sooo What Will You Do To Salad?


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title explains itself i hope.

After seeing what salad(aka mr bad touch moneybags) did to our fellow tennos some of us might be a little bit agitated.

So what will you do when you get your hands on salad personally ill tear him and those bidder apart and make a meat salad out of them that i will serve to some infested.

That or ill rhino stomp him into atoms then have a nekros and trinity put him back together and stomp him again.


i have a lot more ways to make him pay but i believe they might be a bit to graphic to post lets just say that they make Ramsey Snow(game of thrones for those who do not know who he is) look like a peaceful puppy

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Torture and then apply the same treatment. But this time, there's no fancy shield deactivation thing (the ones actually used to send Tenno back into the void) before dismemberment. 


Or let him go, and let my pet monster suddenly dismember him before he reaches the door.

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Excalibur had a Pendragon helmet. He loved that helmet, and they went everywhere together, laughing and shooting all throughout the asteroid. Then, one day, Salad swooped down and stole the Pendragon helmet. This made Excalibur very sad, but he decided he would be brave. So, the next objective, he walked up the stairs, crossed the bridge, climbed up the RoboDog...


And shanked the greedy milk from Salad V's skull.


Ain't no one mess with Pendragon Excalibur.


Ain't no one.

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