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Stances and combo counter



So, out of the two glaive stances, if all I am doing is one of the light attack combos
Which one generates a 12x combo multiplier faster, and why, assuming infinite combo duration (xoris) 
Is there a way to know which stance will generate more combo without physically testing it yourself in the simulacrum with a stopwatch? 
I see some stances hit multiple times with specific attacks like a short glaive toss that hits forward and backwards (2x200%, etc), and I want to know how this ties into the combo counter. 
Thanks Tenno

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6 hours ago, Count-Dabula said:

Thanks for the reply, but I'm not looking for any estimates or assumptions.
I am looking for cold hard facts about which one is better for specifically gaining combo count and why so I can learn how to identify this with all stance mods.

Then I guess you'll have to test it yourself.  Or find someone to have cared enough about a 6.25% difference to have tested it out, especially when field conditions will easily override the results.  If you do decide to go down the former route, I would suggest taking a video instead of using a stop watch as otherwise your hands will not be fast enough to operate both and you may not catch details such as enemies staggering out of attack range causing you to miss.  Also probably find the slowest weapon and do not mod for speed, in order to magnify any possible speed differences.

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To estimate this, you can check the wiki page which lists the combo hits and time to execute:



Assuming you are just doing basic "not moving" combo, it seems like Astral Twilight will generate 10 hits in 4.25s, whereas Gleaming Talon will generate 8 hits in 4.3s.  But if you are doing the basic "moving" combo, Astral Twilight will generate 5 hits in 3.4s, whereas Gleaming Talon will generate 5 hits in 2s.  So basically, I would say they are about the same and you will not notice a significant difference either way.  Just use the one with the hit angles that you are comfortable with.

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