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Arm cannon weapons appear attached to Grendel's meatball when his 4 is active


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When you use an arm cannon (Shedu, Bubonico) while playing Grendel and use your meatball ability the arm cannons stay visible and detached while you roll around the map.

  • How can this bug be reproduced?

Equipping an arm cannon weapon and using Grendel's 4 will replicate this bug 100% of the time.

  • What was happening before the issue started?

Normal gameplay, nothing out of the ordinary.

  • What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?

Happens in all game modes, solo, host and client.

  • Can you share any images or a video of the bug?

Images in spoiler below post.

  • Making sure the issue still occurs in the game's current version is important so that we can be sure we aren't chasing old issues.

Tested as recently as 10 minutes prior to this post.





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