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lmao ... neon Saryn ( Texture Bug )


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mmm ... maybe an address bug ???


or a runtime material that gets reused instead of being deleted?


It would make sense ... the game ask for a material ( frame ) to be created .... the previous one has not being deleted or flagged dirty or WF equivalent, and gets re-used as it's still in memory xD

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And probably nobody cares, but this is exactly why I think having API to mix ahaders at runtime is pretty hekking cool.


A problem of customizations are either them being limited in scope, as developers have to create assets beforehand in little time, or them being un-optimized and buggy.


With the right operations, Warframe could have already countless potential designs, born of the mix&match of different texgures and materials, that require no new assets to create.


In the case of this bug, no "NEON SKIN" required the devs to create it, bake it and all that nonsense.


My knowledge only extends to mking an universal shader with as many modifiers and nodes as possible ... but i'm afraid that is hekking hell on performance and memory xD

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