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A Proposal for a Sentinel Update


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Remember the Remote Observer?  You know, the little camera that you can see through for about 20 seconds that serves no real purpose?  The drone that costs ten credits?

I honestly forgot about the things for a while.  But I finally remembered their existence and came up with an idea to make the Remote Observer much more usable, and increase the capabilities of your Sentinel.

My idea is this:  you can outfit your Sentinel with a Remote Observer and assume control over the Sentinel's movement, skills, and weapons.  This would obviously be a temporary mode that has to recharge, but it would allow players a whole new way of playing, allowing you to see through the eyes of a Sentinel.

You would be able to fire whatever weapon the Sentinel has equipped, and access the following skills:

Helios:  Wide-range scan, allowing you to scan multiple items at once.

Carrier:  Can replenish the ammunition of allies by converting fallen ammo into universal ammo.

Shade:  Can turn invisible and hack consoles.

Dethcube:  Drives small groups of enemies into a killing rage, causing them to turn on each other for a short time.

Djinn:  Can boost the damage of a teammate's weapon.

Diriga:  Can deploy shock mines and is much faster than other Sentinels.

Oxylus:  Can be equipped with a tranquilliser rifle or fishing line.

Wyrm:  Manually trigger a repulsion wave to send enemies flying.

Taxon:  Slows down enemies within a certain radius, and can increase a teammate's energy efficiency.

Nautilus:  Can be directed to heal a teammate or a teammate's companion.

As a result, the Remote Observer would no longer be purchasable from the Marketplace.  Instead, blueprints for this upgraded Observer would be acquired from Simaris or the various other neutral Syndicates.  Also, Coolant Leak would possibly be removed as a mod.

What do you guys think?

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Mods like Coolant leak could actually be turned into an Aura mod for Sentinels, but in this case I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Plexus. Having your main mods such as survivability and utility there, and then on another tab some mods affecting the things you suggested for each Sentinel could be there.

  • A third tab could handle your Sentinel's movement / traversal speed and options. But Sentinel survivability would still be an issue as things currently are.


This actually reminds me of the companions 2.0 thread started by DrivaMain now that I think of it. But in any case, it's food for thought :)


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