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game modding UI breaks when formaing warframes


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Posting here because wont let me post in xbox section

  • How can this bug be reproduced?
    • havent tested very much, but happened last 2 times i formed a warframe.
  • What was happening before the issue started?
    •  game runs as expected, when forma is applied game gets softlocked and requires a restart
  • What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?
    • orbiter solo squad
  • what happens
    • mods can no longer be removed or added
    • can no longer back out of modding ui
    • can no longer open the apply forma/catalyst screen
    • can open the modding tutorial
    • after game is reset to get out of the modding screen it removes every mod that is applied to different configs(not all configs only some of them)




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