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Allow Passives to be swapped in Helminth


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Even if this were a good idea, it wouldn't work. How would Grendel's passive (more armor depending on the number of feasted enemies) work without Feast? How would Baruuk's passive work without any of his abilities to lower restraint? How would Sevagoth's passive work without Shadow? Nidus' passive without Mutation stacks?

Discounting all of that, doing this would cause some really dumb, gamebreaking interactions. Ember's or Protea's on almost anybody, Limbo's on any DPS frame, Wisp's on any frame, Wukong's on any frame.. And who would ever use Rhino's passive? Mag's? *Inaros'?*

I appreciate that you want more build diversity, but this would be broken in all of the worst ways at once.

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I do think something such as infusing ability augments or things related to passives would more closely relate to what the Helminth originally was made for, and I also have some favorites such as Titania's HP regen passive (Her enhanced Bullet jumps may or may not stay if swapped, hypothetically), but in the interest of balance I think it would be better to introduce original passives that the Helminth can infuse to your Warframes, and replace their existing passives until you choose to undo them.


I thought of some good examples for these not too long back, in the Helminth's expansion megathread. But a quick reference;


On 2021-06-21 at 9:29 AM, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:

I am curious if Helminth ability augments could be a thing though, as far as "expanding" the Helminth goes. But going even further; If the Helminth could swap passives, that opens the door for original Helminth-based passives that can be infused to replace a frame's existing passive. Some possibilities could be;

  • As your Warframe takes health damage, a portion of that is transferred to ally Necramechs (Including yours) to heal them?
    • To balance it, maybe just 5-10% of the damage you take could heal them, so it'll still be a risk in some places.
    • I also thought giving some connection between the Helminth & Mechs might be an intriguing idea.
  • When you knockdown an enemy (Doesn't matter how, maybe even the jump kick could do it?) or give them a lifted status, they forget what happened after they're back on their feet?
    • Basically giving you a possible fallback option in case you want to stealth kill an enemy, but they saw you first.
    • I'm a little surprised Jump kicks haven't been considered to be further integrated into a Warframe's kit, unless I'm mistaken on that.
  • Perhaps giving you innate loot radar, similar to Ivara's passive!
    • That actually could be an alternative if someone wanted to try that with her, come to think of it.
  • The Energy / Shields / cooldowns (Depending on if you're using Hildryn or Lavos) from infused Helminth abilities are cut in half!
    • This could be an interesting idea for some builds! Although to balance it, I don't think efficiency / duration mods should stack with it, perhaps.
  • & of course, there's the Echoes of Umbra idea. I think that would still be interesting to see someday :)


Those first few may not be too special, but that's in order to leave room open for new Warframes with their own passives. Similar to how some of the Helminth's original abilities are their own thing.


I made a couple of other posts earlier in that megathread regarding other options to expand the Helminth, but they aren't quite relevant here.

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I had suggested this year back to have the ability to swap warframe passives to me what would have been a cool idea it would be fun a heck but I was told that that would be too op but I bet those ppl that told me that aren`t saying that about the helminth system and if my idea was released, I bet those same ppl that said that would use it. I personally would of preferred this over the helminth system.


On 2021-07-28 at 9:44 AM, fo3nixz said:

ash passive on  day equinox

Exactly That would make her fun as heck!

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On 2021-07-28 at 3:15 AM, ganjou234 said:

Add a separate tab that allows us to use the passives of subsumed warframes.

Maybe certain frames. Some passives are very exclusive and others would be OP on others. Be nice to replace Rhino’s. But would OP to replace his with Protea’s. So only passives that are more balanced no matter who has it. Oberon’s may not be too OP but definitely much more useful on Inaros.


Nidus, Grendel, etc. are limited to their first abilities. DE would have to redesign them to be more about first ability cast instead. At least as Helminth abilities. Which would still become OP for certain frames. Imagine stacking rhino charge, elemental blast abilities, etc. with Nidus’s passive. Getting stronger with each use due to the stacks increasing. 


I’m a very creative person. I can already picture hundreds of OP combos just from looking at this post right now. Doubt DE will let it get like that. Some regular abilities are already OP on other frames. Passive switching would break the game. More than it already is. 

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