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Deimos's spawn rates got bugged bit far the most.


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After the last updates the spawn rates in Deimos dropped by a lot,I know that there are already people talking about the spawn rates dropping and showing the infected pods that from 4 pods only 1 has an enemy,it's almost like a gacha game at this point,missions that take over 20 minutes instead of 3-5 and even failing some of them...like the bug where you race with the grinniers for kills,there is a bug that keeps rising their killing bar without them killing anything and you are bound to lose the ''race''....Deimos it's not the only one that was hit by this,Plains of Eidolon too with lower enemy count spawn rates and above everything else the fish in Deimos,the fish won't spawn anymore even if you use bait or find a hot spot there will be no fish other than the ones present at the start spawning...

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