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AI allies attacking invulnerable enemies


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Some allied units will target certain invulnerable enemy units, either immortal by design or made so by a handful of Warframe abilities. This takes away their attention from actual, valid targets, and turns them into annoying noise machines due to the constant gunfire.

There's a slight difference in behavior between Railjack crew members and regular allied AIs.

Regular allies:

  • Attack units affected by Xaku's Gaze - combined with The Vast Untime they can stay invincible for a very long time.
  • Properly ignore enemies affected by Titania's Lantern and Garuda's Blood Altar.
  • They also vigorously attack enemies under Trinity's Well of Life. This however provides actual benefits, due to the lifesteal.
  • Properly ignore Kuva Fortress Scanners.

Railjack crew members, in addition to the above:

  • In Empyrean, when manning a turret or piloting, they attack immortal turrets on Grineer Cannon Battery POIs, even after they've been disabled.
  • As On Call, they will for some reason attack Fortress Scanners, which no other allied unit does.

Some videos:




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