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WTS full mask liches


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2 minutes ago, Neofiend15 said:

How much for hokk dorr and aftot ekil?

i'm not good at pricing on these mask kinds not in my bounty, so i'll consider buyer's offer.

offer the price u want (more than warframe market weapon % price and ephemera price)

i'll take best offer.

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12 minutes ago, Neofiend15 said:

So i used a guide to determine the pricing

Aftot ekil 200p



Hok dorr 75p



Im open negetiation, but 275 for both is my offee

let's see

add kuva hek's lowest market price 100p to Aftot ekil




Hok dorr 75p is acceptable



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5 minutes ago, Neofiend15 said:

100p for hek with 34%cold

Below 40% is 50p max though.

Im offering 250


i mean, kuva hek's current online lowest price line on warframe market auction is 100p. people call that price cause it's one of 3 new weapons.

how about buying 75p Hok dorr only if u think Aftot ekil is too expensive?

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