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Can i start a new character?



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I'm not sure what you mean as "character".

Are you saying you don't want the Warframe you picked between Excalibur, Mag, and Volt? and would like to try out the other two?

If that's the case, don't bother about starting a new character.

These three starting Warframes will also be yours in the future. You're not expected to stay JUST as Excalibur/Mag/Volt forever.

You're free to farm/grind/buy them all the remaining warframes if you want to in 1 account.  You're not gonna missed the other two that you didn't pick. You'll get them later.

Also a Tip: When you visit the market, don't be discouraged of seeing that all items there requires Platinum currency. If you look closely, there's a "Buy a Blueprint" option. Blueprint only requires Credits.

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Make a new account or maybe ask support to delete/reset your account for you. Not sure if either are viable options on console though.

But I do have to ask; why would you want to start over in the first place? There is nothing to change or be done differently you can't do currently aside from going through the "new player experience" again.

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yeah the real question is "why would you want to start over?"

you can't do anything wrong, you can replay most things, and things that you can't replay doesn't worth starting a new account.


also the devs are clumsier than anything so it's never worth making a clean playthrough -cuz if you don't screw up, they will.

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