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Orb Vallis glitch list


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Found interesting cases while freeroadming and doing Bounty Hunter achievement. Win 7, Sisters of Pavros version.

Case #1: The Trap for the mission just didn't spawn, rendering the Bounty impossible. Maybe because the shield was in the way.


Case #2: The Coildrive remained invincible after hacking, so thanks for the easymode I guess.


Case #3: The Terra MOAs keep clipping through the ground. I've lost a mission with cases because they were camping where I couldn't hit them.



Case #4: The pathfinding of Sunny Pobber seems to be off. If a cliff is on the way then say goodbye to Perfect Capture.


Case #5: It was just a single time, but the mining dots on this ore just didn't appear, so I've moved on.


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