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Headless Frozen Grendel Bugs Post Kuva Lich Fight


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TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION: Grendel bugs out if the Kuva Liches try to box him while in his Pulverize ball

This is a visual of the more enjoyable version of the bug. Two other times this happened and I lost complete control of my warframe and was forced to use my operator for the rest of the mission which sucked. I think that this time I clipped through a wall while the boxing was happening and that's why it only partially bugged out.
REPRODUCTION: Go into a bunch of kuva lich nodes. Pray that your lich's anger is able to climb up to a level where they'll actually show up. Once they arrive, enter pulverize form as grendel and bounce around next to the lich.
EXPECTED RESULT: I expected to be able to deal damage to the lich and not really face any consequences since I was a pulverize ball. Not sure what I should've expected though.
OBSERVED RESULT: Grendel gets frozen in place and either the video happens (one occasion) or the warframe becomes inoperable and operator mode must be used to finish the mission (multiple occasions).
REPRODUCTION RATE: Three times. I stopped trying after that because I really didn't like losing control of my warframe.

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