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Kuva Drakgoon Unreal Flak Cannon skin wrong grip

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Since the inclusion of the Unreal Tournament skins in the game I've been annoyed by a couple of visual bugs with the Kuva Drakgoon Unreal Flak Cannon skin, and unfortunately once I've noticed them, I cannot unsee them and breaks the game immersion. I understand that some players may not be bothered but it matters to me.
I must say that the Flak Cannon is indeed my favorite weapon skin of the 3. I used to play the Original UT in 1999 while in high school (I'm old). Fun Fact Digital Extremes was a co-developer :)
Love the visceral sounds and "in your face" attitude this weapon has. I'm also still playing the UT Pre-Alpha that has been unfortunately abandoned by Epic but has a strong player base.
So since this weapon is my main go to in both UT and Warframe, I've noticed the visual bugs that you can find below when using the weapon in Warframe.
The left hand that is supposed to support the weight of weapon, is buried inside the body of the weapon, instead of using the actual bottom grip, so the bones were not adjusted to fit.
Also another bug is that even though the muzzle flash is correctly attached to the barrel, the actual projectiles are ejected from below the weapon so the shot comes off bore. It's most noticeable when aiming and also visible in Captura from different angles.
I've used the default Excalibur in these screens to make it easier to identify what I'm talking about.


Thank you.


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Seeing is how you're asking people to pay 20 dollars now for the Unreal Bundle as mentioned HERE, could you at least try to fix the related visual bugs??

All three skins have grip issues where the hand goes through the model to some extent.



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