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Elemental Interactions


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Nowadays it feels as though Viral (and sometimes Heat as well) is the only viable option when it comes to elemental damage. Every enemy has health, so why wouldn't you use the element that increases Health damage? So, in an attempt to "level the playing field", I had an idea recently after being inspired by a certain free gacha game's interactions between elemental damages (It rhymes with "Denshin Dimpact").


Basically, what if certain Primary Elements (Heat/Cold & Toxin/Electric) and Secondary Elements (Corrosive/Blast, Viral/Radiation, & Magnetic/Gas) had interactions when applied on the same enemy? Plus it doesnt make much sense for an enemy to be both frozen and slowed while also being literally on fire anyway, so this could help to remedy that too. Obviously for Primary Elements these situations will be rarer because you cant apply two Primary elements to the same weapon normally, as they'd combine. This also promotes building weapons differently and swapping between them to capitalise on these effects, instead of just slapping Viral and Heat on every weapon and calling it a day.

So, without further ado here are my ideas:



 - Heat/Cold

Like I said above, being both on fire and frozen doesnt make sense, so I propose having an effect where they will cancel each other out (removing one stack of each until either or both is completely gone) and instead deal the remaining damage from Heat's Ticks in a burst with a 1.5x multiplier applied. Alongside this, the Armour reduction Heat usually applies will be extended (incorporating the "slowing" aspect of cold) to last a longer duration, and the enemy will be briefly stunned and open to finishers. While this may seem a bit overboard for the Primary Elements, you've got to remember that its unlikely to happen naturally and instead you'd have to specifically build for it by swapping between weapons, as well as the fact that it's removing the stacks.

 - Toxin/Electric

Being poisoned not fun. Neither is being Electrocuted. So surely both at the same time must be hell? For this one my idea was to have the Electricity's stun effect replaced with the enemy vomiting (For Robotic enemies they'd leak coolant or lubricant or similar which would need to be a different colour, Infested enemies would need to be revised since I doubt they'd "throw up", but maybe Toxic Blood similar to the Residual Arcane?) and leave a small area at their feet that deals a very small amount of Corrosive damage, but with a relatively high chance to actually proc Corrosive per tick. My reasoning for this one, despite the fact that it's a bit gross, is that being poisoned is likely to make you feel sick and while I've never personally had an electric shock larger than static on a wooly jumper, I'd imagine that'd make you pretty dizzy and disoriented as well. Obviously there'd be a small "cooldown" between this effect to prevent stun-locking (and there's only so much one person can vomit) but it wouldn't need to be super long, maybe a few seconds? Also, Toxin + Electricity normally creates Corrosive anyway, and there wouldn't need to be a lot of animaion work done either as it can use an altered version of the Stun animation from Banshee's Silence since humanoid enemies hunch over during that, they'd just need their arms moving from their ears to their mouth or holding their knees and some particle effects.


 - Corrosive/Blast

Blast is a pretty lackluster element. The only time anyone willingly uses Blast damage is if it's innate, therefore both Corrosive and Blast will combine to bring Corrosive's old effect back from the dead. When an enemy is under the influence of a Corrosive proc their armour is reduced by a certain amount for a period of time, after which it returns to normal. When a Blast proc is applied to an already existing Corrosive proc it will "blow away" the damaged armour, permanently removing twice of whatever percentage was removed and preventing that enemy from recovering it (For reference, a Corrosive proc removes 26% armour, with an additional 6% being removed per additional stack up to max of 10 stacks, stripping 80% armour. This means this effect will allow you to completely strip an enemy's armour after applying 5 procs of corrosive, then hitting them with a Blast proc). Subsequent procs of Corrosive after this effect will still reduce the enemies armour by a percentage, but it'll use their current armour, encouraging players to stack Corrosive before Blast-ing it off instead of just constantly firing Rockets at an enemy in order to fully strip armour. If someone's putting in the effort to do this they should be rewarded appropriately in my opinion. As some of you know, corrosive used to be permanent anyway, but for balance it got made temporary when enemy armour scaling was altered. This brings it back to it's former glory, at least in part. The reason for it needing to be an already existing Corrosive proc is because there are a lot of Launcher type weapons that have innate Blast damage, so being able to remove chunks of the enemy's armour with each shot is not only a bit too powerful, but also doesnt make sense realistically, since armour in reality is meant to be able to take a hit or two at least before breaking. Since you'd need to stack Corrosive beforehand, this promotes swapping between weapons too, similar to the Primary elements.

 - Viral/Radiation

I can explain the general premise of this one in a single word: Zombies.

What I mean by that, is that Viral is already an extremely effective element, so increasing its power further would only solidify it as the "one and only", therefore this combo will play into the fact that Viral is already powerful by Infusing enemies confused by Radiation with Viral Damage, allowing them to spread it to nearby enemies. Radiation on it's own is kinda "meh". Sure it's nice, if the enemies are attacking each other they're not attacking you, but due to how stupid some of the AI can be at times, its never really viable as an offensive tool. This remedies that without making Viral too much stronger than it already is. Simple, effective, infectious.


This one is so self explanatory it could be an Auto-biography. What does Gas need? Now, what do Magnets do? In case you've been living under a rock, Gas status creates a damaging Gas cloud around an enemy. It's damage isn't amazing on a single target, but when a group of tightly packed enemies all have gas procs, each one damaging everyone else, it can rack up damage numbers fairly quickly. As a result, Magnetic when combined with Gas could cause enemies to be pulled toward each other in order to allow Gas to work it's magic. In my idea it should be a continuous steady pull, similar to Zenurik's "Void Singularity" effect, for the duration of the Magnetic proc, however a more violent singular pull could also work like Mag's "Pull" ability but focused around the enemy who got proc'd.


And that's about it for now! Obviously this doesn't cover every possible combination of elements, but with 4 primary elements and 6 secondary elements that's 21 different combinations, and if we were to include Primary/Secondary interactions that number would jump to 45, and I've already spent about an hour and a half coming up with these ones alone. Let me know what you all think of this concept, and any ideas you might have for other elemental interactions!

Until next time Tenno!

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