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3 часа назад, (PSN)minecraft99god сказал:

Is orgris a good weapon to use?

Kuva Ogris is one of the best primary stat spitter, because of how much different statuses it possibly  can have (IPS + Blast + Lich Element + 2 Elements + Fire from Napalm)

3 часа назад, (PSN)minecraft99god сказал:

And can you still shoot your weapons when invisible with ivara prime? With prowl 

Yes you can

2 часа назад, (PSN)minecraft99god сказал:

I am trying to get to the finale showdown I just need to figure out how to get my lich health down fast without me and my whole squad failing the mission and my lich is rank 5 

Fastest way to bring down lich health is bring Banshee with good sonar.

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