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Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.5


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Could you perhaps rethink the Command Intrinsic rank 10? Paying four million credits and lots of resources for one crewmate with slightly enhanced stats does not seem very much worth the wait. Perhaps implement the liches / sisters more? Like giving the "On Call Crew" item an enhancement to either last longer, have lower cooldown, or even both? The quirks and everything are really pointless for converted ones, since they do not say even a single line of their ..."monologue" when they are around.

Alt fire of certain weapons are quite annoying in certain scenarios and cant be disabled. This is most significant with weapons like Tenet Diplos, when one just wants to use "aimed/scoped" fire for more accuracy, and this lock-on thing kicks in unwantedly, this mechanic should instead work the same way that Sepulcrum works (Toggle homing on/off). Same thing for the guided projectile of Tenet Envoy. Also Kuva Quartakk, aimed mode switches fire (and Quatz).
I propose that these alt fire type modes are instead optional and are toggled ON/OFF with respective "alt fire button" for better consistency. All weapons that switches fire mode entirely should be on toggle (Stradavar Prime, Argonak, Tiberon Prime, Hind, Zarr and other weapons as such are perfect examples of how it should work). Normal/Kuva Seer should be given optional scope mechanic (same thing like you can change zoom levels on sniper rifles). Alt fire of weapons that does not directly affect the primary fire firing mechanism and are used instantly are also fine as is (such as instant burst functions of Pandero, Kuva Kraken, Kuva Detron, or detonations of projectiles like Bramma, Talons, Kulstar, etc.).

Kind of the same thing I mentioned before, but only one of those was resolved.
-Athodai can not equip Secondary Deadhead

-Tenet Flux rifle unable to equip rifle skins (Oscira, Soaktron)

-Tenet Spirex unable to equip ANY of the secondary weapon skins

-Converted sisters (On Call Crew) have severe animation issues, T-posing and not attacking when they have the "Briefcase" Tenet weapons such as Envoy or Diplos

-Converted sisters have heavily misaligned faces (expanded nose, brow and chin) when they are in their offensive/alerted stance

-Requiem Ultimatum not working properly, consuming the item in process, but not spawning Lich/SOP Thanks for fixing this, but any chance of refunding the ones that did not work? I had like 9 total and 4 of them did not work. I would not be asking for this if those were not that rare.

-Kuva Hek unable to equip Scattered Justice mod

-Stagger type procs like heat or electricity prevents usage of Parazon-mercy kill (on the standard enemy such as Eximus Lancer that is eligible for mercy kill) until the effect of proc stops

-Diversified Denial precept for hounds is either working incorrectly, or correctly and its terrible.... it says the mini-doggos does 85% of the original's damage, however, this 85% seems to be from BASE damage of the hound weapons, but WITHOUT mods, result: they do absolutely insignificant damage, making this precept really bad choice

-Golden Instinct, final subsumable ability does not work on fragments in Orb Vallis

ALSO, PLEASE, ADD MORE OPERATOR PRESET SLOTS, for free, for platinum, whatever, just let us have more than 3 already.

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added another bug
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But can we get some special triggers/options to spawn kuva larvling/sister with specific weapons or at least weapon classes?
Having 19 kuva weapons ingame makes it very tideous getting your desired weapon to 60%, especially if you are only getting weapons with 25-35% bonus.

Also obligatory "where holokey drop buffs" and "ambassador drop buffs"?

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Thank You for the hotfix

-> You can now use Transference while on a K-Drive or when Yareli is using Merulina.  NEAT :P

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Just now, Xydeth said:

so no yareli buff huh.

well, helminth will enjoy his meal.

Probably in a later update. This one seems to focus more on fixes and minor changes. Yareli's update will probably require a longer revision.

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Arcanes currently still do not copy over to clone's weapons like Equinox's Duality and Wukong's Celestial Twin. Since we're now apparently using arcanes to address balance issues, this has led to a (presumably) unintentional nerf to those abilities.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

For non-endless missions, most notably Sabotage, a max of 3 Acolytes will spawn and their levels will incrementally increase with every new Acolyte spawn.

What? More acolytes can spawn in non-endless missions? You really need to be transparent about acolytes.

People in steel path incursions just run to extraction and miss the acolytes. Non-endless acolyte spawn needs a redesign.

edit: grammar

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